Weekly Blend: October 23, 2015

The Weekly Blend is your ‘weekly’ source covering real estate news that you just may have missed. Our hard at work Weekly Blend crew scours the web, newsgroups and forums looking for obscure, bizarre, interesting and informative real estate (or real estate related) stories. If you have one you’d like to share please feel free to share it in our comments section or tweet about it using the hashtag #WeeklyBlend. So brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy these stories…maybe even share them with friends or colleagues. Happy reading!

Here are my weekly picks:

You don’t have to go to Ponyville to have lunch in this Hasboro toy themed café. What is My Little Pony?

For 600 yen ($5), you can get a Clock Tower coffee and for 1,100 yen ($9), you can have “Marty’s Johnny B. Goode Pancakes” in a Back to the Future-themed café in this Japanese capital. What is Tokyo?

Watching this movie would have eased some of the fears of visitors to an open house. What is Paranormal Activity?

Homeowners would have been wrong had they demolished their house, which was a design by this famous architect. Who is Frank Lloyd Wright?

A REALTOR® from this province is heading to China to promote living there. We’re not sure whether he’s bringing Gilbert Blythe with him. What is Prince Edward Island?

On your next walking tour of Ontario’s capital city, be sure to check out eight historical sites with haunted pasts. Where is Toronto?

After seeing this Halloween-themed house, with big eyes (all the better to see you with) and giant teeth (all the better to eat you with), you might be reminded of this children’s story. What is Little Red Riding Hood?

You’ll set phasers to “stunning” when you see this Texas home with a secret room inspired by this 60’s sci-fi series. What is Star Trek?

When selling your home you want to avoid this number of mistakes. Octopuses or Octopi: be warned. What is eight?

Residence of this Bay Area city were not impressed with Airbnb’s passive aggressive advertising and took to Twitter to express how they felt. What is San Francisco?

For $1,800 a month the “Common Living” company will let you rent a bed and live with 18 other hipsters in this New York borough. Where is Brooklyn?

You don’t need to visit this city’s downtown to see a Hallowe’en light show set to the music of Ray Parker Jr. Where is Riverside, California? (VIDEO)

North of Santa Barbara, along the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, lays a lost Egyptian metropolis left behind by which famous movie director? Who is Cecil B. DeMille?

A recent trend in property selling has people vying for inns, restaurants, and other properties by paying a fee and writing one of these. What are essays?

Next time you’re flying this airline, be sure to read their enRoute magazine to discover the 10 best restaurants in Canada for 2015. What is Air Canada?

Constructed in 1984, these PVC structures known as “Bolwoningen” or “Globe Housing” can be found in ‘s-Hertongenbosh in this country. What are the Netherlands?

This rapper/singer is feuding with artist tenants who are reluctant to leave a building he owns in Seoul, South Korea. Who is Psy?

The winners of a design contest for this type of very tall building are hoping that their vision will combine urban living with 11 distinct ecosystems. What is a skyscraper?

Despite a campaign and a petition signed by over 2,000 people to save this famous fictitious Weatherfield street, Manchester City Council’s planning committee voted to approve its redevelopment.  What is Coronation Street?

“Under This Roof” – a new book by Paul Brandus – peels back the “oval” history of one of America’s most famous houses. What is the White House?

A house in the Jersey Shore where he wrote the album Born to Run is back on the market. Who is Bruce Springsteen?

Car lifts, “green” concrete, and paving stones are just three of five ways to make this part of your house hi-tech. What is the driveway?

It’s been featured in its own movie, has spawned the building imagination of generations of children and now, at MIT, it is being used as a legitimate urban planning tool. What is LEGO?

You may be watching your next sporting event from a new one of these in Edmonton, Las Vegas, Mexico City, or … Milwaukee? What are next-generation stadiums?

For one generation, it’s a chance to help deal with increasing housing costs and college debt. For another generation, it’s a way to help fight dementia and regulate blood pressure. What are students and seniors living together in a Cleveland retirement home?

They lead a charmed life in Stars Hollow, but how could this TV mother and daughter afford a $2.8-million home? Who are Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (we will also accept, “Who are the Gilmore Girls”)?

This 1985 James Ivory movie, starring Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter, would be great to watch in one of these 12 stunning locales. What is A Room With A View?

You’ll see these nine behind-the-scene secrets of haunted houses in practice while visiting Scarehouse in this U.S. city. Where is Pittsburgh?

“The Rock Restaurant” in Zanzibar sits atop a large outcrop in this ocean and can be accessed by either a boat or low tide. What is the Indian Ocean?

If you did an internet search using this, you’ll learn that one employee is saving 90% of his income by living in a truck in the company’s parking lot. What is Google?

A Beverly Hills REALTOR® will be doing the Crocodile Rock as he finally sold a property to this recording artist for a whopping $33 million. Who is Elton John?

Developers of this type of housing are hoping to lure buyers by offering classes for residents. What are condos?

Doc Brown’s garage, Hill Valley High School, and Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall are just three locations you can visit to commemorate the anniversary of this 1985 time travel movie. What is Back to the Future?

October 21, 2015 was highlighted in this movie which unintentionally highlighted the “increasingly mythical idea of clean, affordable middle-class communities.” What is Back to the Future II?

Living near one of these may be noisy but your chances of being late for departure decrease greatly. What are airports?

Jonathan Baker, our former Speech Writer, contributed to the development of speeches, advertisements, and communications to our membership. Our staff knew him as the go-to guy at 200 Catherine for some comic relief. Prior to joining CREA, Jon worked in the radio industry in Ottawa. If you meet Jon, be sure to ask him to tell you about his encounters with many famous musicians while volunteering at a local music festival for more than 10 years.

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