What REALTORS® Should Know About Canadian Architecture

While no country can be defined by a single architectural style, there tends to be a prevailing image: the Moorish riads of Morocco, Dubai’s sky-high contemporary landscape, the renaissance aesthetic of Italy. But when we think of Canada, what comes to mind?

On Episode 27 of REAL TIME, we’re joined by Newfoundland-born, Norway-based architect Todd Saunders, best known for his iconic design of the Fogo Island Inn and studios in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A Canadian architect with a global presence, Saunders joins REAL TIME to share his unique perspective on Canadian architecture and his approach to evolving it. We’ll look at the influences that have shaped Canada’s built environment and how a base understanding of these influences can help REALTORS® add value when helping clients find their dream property.

Todd Saunders

“I think, architecture, when done with care and love, can create care and love,” he says.

As an architect, Saunders works with clients to help bring their vision to life. He says the same basic principles can be applied when REALTORS® are working with clients: establish trust and listen carefully to capture your clients’ wants and needs.

“I’m very, very focused on needs first and when those are covered in architecture then you can explore the wants if the economy is there or the need for it,” he says.

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Designing Fogo Island Inn was a milestone in Saunders’ career. Hear how he tried to honour the island’s history while shaping a vision for new architecture in the area when he designed the famous structure.

“I gave my heart and soul for that project,” he says.

Saunders also tells us how growing up in Newfoundland influenced his approach to architecture and the projects he’s worked on around the world.

“What I like about Newfoundland architecture is it’s all handmade. You can feel it,” says Saunders.

While his home province of Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its distinct architecture, Saunders also discusses other areas of Canada where architecture is influenced by the environment or history.

What changes or trends are we seeing in contemporary Canadian architecture and what’s influencing Saunders’ most recent works? Listen to the full episode on CREA.ca/podcast or wherever you find your podcasts.              

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