Elon Musk’s Bel Air homes must not be a fit for X Æ A-12

The spread of COVID-19 is affecting the world now and will have long-term effects we can’t foresee just yet.

With that weighing heavy on the minds of millions of people, it’s important to step away from the news of the world every now and then, even if it’s just for a couple minutes.

This edition of the Weekly Blend is designed to, hopefully, help you crack a smile and remind you about the good and wacky side of the real estate world.

Looks like Tesla CEO Elon Musk is really doing it; he’s really getting rid of most of his possessions. Musk just listed two of his Bel Air properties for a combined $39.5 million. He must be thinking about little X Æ A-12’s future.

Have you ever seen such a phenomenal home with such horrible carpeting? For $1.45 million, the new owners of this tubular treasure will have some flooring issues to fix first.

Imagine owning John Lennon’s former Palm Beach home? Now you can, for a measly $47.5 million, before figuring the taxman’s take. Just picture yourself on a boat by your backyard…

If the lavish lifestyle isn’t for you and you want to jump on the tiny home wagon, go all in by purchasing a covered wagon fit for the Oregon Trail.

With vacation plans currently on hold, maybe it’s worth considering bringing the resort life home. This castle for sale in Quebec will give you serious all-inclusive vibes.

My wife and I put one of our living room chairs in our bedroom and now it just collects old clothes. But hey, maybe this design choice will work—and look—better for you!

Keeping this house looking clean is no easy task, especially when the entire façade is white. So white. Blending-into-the-bright-sky-behind-it white. But, wow, does it ever look mesmerizing.

Kelly Clarkson has listed her home for $10 million. Hey, Kelly, how would you describe what the inside looks like?

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