Exclusive New Features on the REALTOR.ca Listing Stats App

Coming off a record-breaking year for real estate markets across Canada, the 2021 spring market was expected to outperform expectations. As REALTORS®, this means multiple offers, questions and viewing requests, as well as late nights glued to your smartphone. While time might be a luxury during the next few months, it’s vital to keep your clients up to speed on their listing’s performance. That’s why we’ve developed new exclusive REALTOR.ca Listing Stats app features to keep your clients informed with just a few taps.

Schedule recurring reports for clients

Save time with a one-time set up that allows you to consistently provide insights and engage with your clients. The setup is simple: choose a client from your contacts, select the frequency and delivery method, add a custom message, and you’re done! The reports will be emailed or texted to your clients on the pre-set schedule you selected, showing your value as a REALTOR® while allowing you to carry out other tasks.

Keep your listing stat summaries

A successful listing can help dictate how you do business going forward. It’s important to recap and analyze your listing statistics to get a complete picture of how well your marketing planned work and what you can adapt for your next listing. To make sure REALTORS® have access to this information, even after a listing has been removed from REALTOR.ca, statistics for inactive listings are now accessible for 90 days—only on the REALTOR.ca Listing Stats app.

Everything you need, all in one place

The REALTOR.ca Listing Stats app makes it easy to access the listing information you need straight from your mobile device:

  • Connect with leads – Get notified of and respond to new email leads.
  • Up-to-date listing stats – View stats for all your active listings to view market response.
  • No-fuss log in – Sign in once and use the switch accounts feature if you’re a member of more than one board.
  • View office listings – Share your office’s active listings with potential buyers.

What REALTORS® are saying

“The REALTOR.ca Listings App certainly has helped me quickly reach out to a prospect from my phone by just clicking the number to call/text and discuss my listing. I can track of all the visits to my listing on a daily basis as well as easily text said tracking information to my clients. With this information at our fingertips it allows us REALTORS® who are always on the move to be in touch with up-to-date info.”— Gerald Lawrence, REALTOR® and salesperson

We want to hear from you

We value your feedback. Let us know what you think of the app and what you’d like to see next by completing this brief survey. You can also leave suggestions in the Comments below.

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Our Product Manager, Anna Nasiorowski, lives and breathes REALTOR.ca. She manages product strategy, leads the way with the development of new features and regularly participates in usability sessions to ensure optimal visitor experience. Prior to joining CREA, Anna gained a slew of marketing, content development and product management experience with Algonquin College, Canada Post, Mitel and Corel. When not immersed in the world of online real estate, you can find Anna pursuing her love of photography, travelling or even learning a new language (to supplement the three already in her arsenal).

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