How REALTORS® Can Expand Their Knowledge in 2024

To provide your clients with the most up-to-date information, it’s important to seek out opportunities for professional growth and development.

As a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), you have access to numerous resources to enhance your career. From the latest trends in real estate, exclusive economic data, to informative podcasts, blogs, and learning and development courses, make sure you’re taking advantage of everything available to you in 2024.

Learning and development opportunities

CREA’s Learning Hub is one of the best resources we have for our members and board and association staff, new and experienced, looking to expand their professional growth. From webinars and tutorials on CREA’s products and services, including CREA WEBForms® and DDF®, to a variety of courses and events, you have access to a wealth of growth opportunities. In addition, CREA is constantly adding new content, so be sure to check in periodically for new offerings. Or better yet, watch out for our quarterly Learning and Development newsletter!


REALTORS® are often on the move, and three years ago CREA decided to create a resource that would allow the REALTOR® community to learn about all things real estate while on the go. REAL TIME is a monthly podcast where we speak with experts on a variety of topics, as well as other REALTORS® in Canada, to bring anyone who’s interested in real estate more information. In the past we’ve had guests like Peter Mansbridge, Wes Hall and Lital Marom, and covered everything from artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability to negotiation and mindset.

If you prefer listening to podcasts in video format, this year we’ll be offering the podcast in video as well. Stay tuned!

Housing data and market analysis

Our team of economists are constantly monitoring the Canadian economy and its effect on the real estate industry. They publish information frequently on CREA Stats that REALTORS® can use as a reliable source for real estate data, right at their fingertips. Available resources include, local board reports, quarterly forecasts, interest rate and consumer confidence updates, as well as the national price map Living Room

Struggling to find content to share on your social media pages? Our consumer lifestyle blog, Living Room, offers content including home improvement, market trends, DIY projects, neighbourhood guides and profiles on unique homes. While CREA Café is curated specifically to help your business grow and thrive, Living Room content is perfect to share with your clients.

Looking for consistent updates all in one place? Follow CREA’s social media platforms. We’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Instagram.

Legal resources

Legal is a necessary part of any real estate transaction, and CREA’s legal team is always working to make it easier for REALTORS® to access resources to help them both understand and comply with laws relevant to them. You can find a wide range of legal resources on CREA’s member portal under “Legal Compliance & National Standards”.

CREA Café and News2Me

CREA has two resources for news content specific to the REALTOR® community: CREA Café and News2Me.

CREA Café, that’s where you are right now! We post articles that keep REALTORS® informed about what’s happening at CREA, information about the Canadian real estate industry, and advice from experts for your real estate business.

If you’re a REALTOR®, News2Me is an email sent to your inbox every month that highlights the most important news you need to know. Make sure you adjust your inbox settings to alert you when News2Me is delivered if you want to be one of the most up-to-date REALTORS®!

REALTOR® publications

Want as much detail as possible? CREA routinely publishes thorough documents on a variety of topics relevant to REALTORS®. Everything from technology and advocacy, to the international market and it’s impact on Canada – the publications page is a great resource to expand your knowledge.

We’re always looking for ways to bring our members even more information and advice. If there’s something you want to see more of from us, comment on this article or on social media to let us know.

The CREA Café team is responsible for the official blog of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). The CREA Café is a cozy place for CREA to connect with our valued members and friends by sharing our thoughts and insights over a virtual cup of coffee.

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