Introducing CREA’s 2024-2025 Board and Operational Committee Members

Comprised of REALTORS® and senior board/association staff from diverse backgrounds and parts of the country, the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) volunteer committees are the driving force behind our continued innovation and progress.

While CREA’s committees serve as invaluable resources to our Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), they also help showcase REALTOR® value, enhance professionalism and move the industry forward.

Earlier this year, CREA invited interested REALTORS® and board or association staff to apply for a position on one of these committees.

Here’s a quick overview of each of CREA’s 2024/2025 volunteer committees and who will be serving on them.

Governance & Bylaws Committee

Chair: Garry Bhaura

Purpose: Develop and implement an annual work plan for the improvement of the Board of Directors’ good governance policies and practices.

Members: Angie Tsai, Cliff Stevenson, Georges Gaucher, Tim Otitoju, Kimberly French, Kim Fairley, Kourosh Doustshenas, Phil Moore, Tehreem Kamal, Janice Stromar

Finance Committee

Chair: David Oikle

Purpose: Develop and implement an annual work plan to review, monitor and provide guidance and/or recommendations to the Board of Directors, related to the financial stewardship of CREA.

Members: Valérie Paquin, Baldev Gill, Darren Close, Colette Gerber, Winson Chan, Darin Germyn, Linnea Vandenberghe, Shenali De Mel

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Chair: Winson Chan

Purpose: Develop and implement an annual work plan to appoint an external auditor and oversee the audit process.

Members: Barb Sukkau, Liz Penner, Mahfuzar Rahman, Michael Brodrick, Alexandra Goseltine

Federal Affairs Committee

Chair: Valérie Paquin

Purpose: Provide strategic direction on federal policy, programs and initiatives promoting ownership and investment in real estate and protect the interests of home buyers, property owners and REALTORS®.

Members: Chad Lovell, David Oikle, Kunle Adeyinka, Marlon Murr, Jennifer Lucas, Mike Turner, Anushree Joshi, Natalie Wong, Sarah Johnston, Shauna Boyle

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee

Chair: Anthony Bastiaanssen

Purpose: Act as a resource to CREA’s Board of Directors on environmental, social and governance (ESG) related matters, providing strategic direction on policies, practices and programs through which CREA may address prioritized ESG issues, risks, and opportunities.

Members: Pauline Aunger, Amar Badh, John Dempster, Tamer Fahmi, Karyn Hanson, Paige Hoveling, Sarah Jendrick, Ramin Noushinfar, Avril Reifferscheid, Veronica Rossi, Ali Talaei

REALTOR® Code Committee

Chair: Larry Cerqua

Purpose: Monitor the implementation, organization, and application of the REALTOR® Code across the country, and to make recommendations to ensure the continuing relevance of the REALTOR® Code and the strength of the REALTOR® trademark.

Members: Chris Peters, Costa Poulopoulos, Bill Duce, Edwin Kwok Yu Yan, Jill Oudil, Joelle Briggs, Maya Day, Nicole Marshall, Tim Ayres

Marketing and Communications Committee

Chair: Luc Woolsey

Purpose: Provide high-level strategic direction and feedback to CREA’s marketing and communications activities in support of achieving CREA’s mission. The committee helps ensure CREA’s communication products address the needs of audiences who are strategically important to CREA and that CREA’s marketing and advertising strategically addresses the needs of members.

Members: Kimberly French, Craig Munn, Steven Bobiash, Princess Pan, Tanya White, Greg Hamre, Karyn Hanson, Andy Kwok, Sheri Willick, Tim Keung

Association Executives Committee

Chair: Darla Lindbjerg

Purpose: Act as a resource to CREA’s CEO in promoting and encouraging the highest standards among Association Executives (AEs) and the organizations they administer.

Members: Jennifer Lynch, Nicole Marshall, Kim Mantle, Von Palmer, Peggy Donovan, Wendy Giroux, Jonathan Vincent

Technology Committee

Chair: Jennifer Aunger-Ritchie

Purpose: Act as a resource to CREA’s CEO in matters related to technology initiatives.

Members: Brin Werrett, Darin Germyn, Bilge Kelo, Hillary Lane, Jason Stephen, Kat Newel, Nicola Austin, Raymond Chan, Xi Yao

If you’re interested in volunteering on one of these committees next year, please watch for our committee application period in late 2024/early 2025.

Please note: committee members subject to changes. 

Dianna Hann brings her experience from a variety of marketing and communications roles in government, marketing agencies, and publishing to CREA as a Communications Advisor. She works with the communications team to bring the latest news and helpful information to CREA Café. In her spare time, she loves puzzles and any sport in or on the water.

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