REAL TIME Podcast: Getting Creative With Content Marketing

From websites and ads to social media, newsletters, and podcasts, content is everywhere and has the potential to be a powerful business driver.

But how can you consistently create good, creative content?

That’s where Melanie Deziel comes in, a creativity coach and leading voice in content marketing. With clients including Google, Netflix, The New York Times, and others, Deziel joins REAL TIME on this month’s episode to share her framework for systemizing creativity, making it easier and faster to generate content that stands out and connects with your audience.

What’s content marketing?

“Content marketing is a really broad term, and it can be used to include a lot of things. I think for our purposes, we want to think about any time we’re intentionally using content to communicate with our audience,” she explains in her conversation with REAL TIME host Erin Davis. “That could be the copy that’s on your website or the copy of an email, it’s the content you’re putting on social media, it’s the videos you may record.”

She further explains, different types of content are the tools REALTORS® can use to convey a specific message to their audience.

How to choose your channels

Deziel provides a comprehensive guideline for REALTORS® who are trying to select the best content channels for their goals – stressing, she knows how much pressure there can be on this decision, and how many entrepreneurs feel they need to “show up” on every platform. Ultimately, her major suggestion is to start with your audience. Once you identify who your audience is, start with the channels they use.

“As a general rule, if you’re going after, high-income professionals, for example, LinkedIn is going to be the best place for you to reach that audience. If you’re looking for moms, families, Facebook and Pinterest are going to be two great options for you. Instagram also has a lot of really great demographics that you can dig into based on the data they share, and try to identify where are these folks,” she says.

In other words, fish where the fish are, and further, understand which fish are native to the ecosystems you’re fishing in.

How to tap into your creativity, and make content

If you think you’re not creative enough to make the types of content you love engaging with, Deziel wants to remind you – you are! “When we’re young, when we’re kids, there’s no fear of not having a good idea,” she says. She continues by providing tips to feel comfortable creating and getting past whatever hang-ups you may have about starting to create content.

If you’re already creating, she continues with some best practices for beating writers block and avoiding burnout. She suggests getting out of your normal routine to try and spark some inspiration, even small seemingly silly changes. “If we’re consuming the same things, seeing the same things, it can be hard to come up with new ideas because there’s a lot of sameness around us,” she says.

“Content gives you a chance to communicate the truth behind your business claims, the ability to really show that they don’t have to take your word for it.”

– Melanie Deziel

Three takeaways to apply

Deziel ends by sharing three main things to remember when you’re working on your content marketing goals.

  1. Your story matters.
  2. Content should serve your audience, not just your business needs.
  3. Have fun!

Learn more about Deziel and her book The Content Fuel Framework at

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