REAL TIME Podcast: Truth and Trust in Media and Beyond

With so much information available at our fingertips, and many sources containing conflicting details or advice, determining who to trust can be difficult. According to a 2022 Abacus Data study on trust in government and news media, 52% of Canadians believe official government accounts of events can’t be trusted, and 44% of Canadians believe much of the information we receive from news organizations is false.

On the latest episode of REAL TIME, we’re joined by Peter Mansbridge, who served as CBC News’ chief correspondent and anchor of The National, for 30 years, to discuss trust and truth. Our conversation delves into how these concepts apply to modern business and how individuals can empower themselves to seek the truth and establish trust.

This episode of REAL TIME was recorded on-site during our annual CREA PAC Days in Ottawa, where Peter Mansbridge delivered a keynote presentation to attendees. Interested in getting involved as a Political Action Committee (PAC) Representative and attending next year’s event? Check out CREA’s Guide to Becoming a PAC Rep for more information.

Peter Mansbridge

One critical element of this conversation is the inseparable link between trust and truth. With this thought in mind, Mansbridge highlights how businesses, including those in real estate, have been impacted by an erosion of trust, and provides practical solutions for business leaders to develop a culture of transparency, integrity, and honesty, and ultimately, a trustworthy public perception.

Mansbridge offers three main pieces of advice to REALTORS®.

  1. Be transparent and honest from the beginning.
  2. Get ahead of the story.
  3. If you know how something is going to end, get there as fast as possible.

Mansbridge expresses his belief that Canadians must hold businesses, media, and governments accountable, but to do this, they need to research, think critically, and challenge information respectfully and constructively. He points out these things aren’t always easy, and take time and effort, but are the only ways Canadians can determine the truth, find their trusted sources, and even become a trusted source themselves.

“Trust is just as important [for business leaders], and the truth is what trust is built on. You’ve got to have both of those no matter what your profession is.”

Peter Mansbridge

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