Ten Client Appreciation Events REALTORS® Can Plan this Winter

One of the things we know REALTORS® are great at is staying connected with clients even when they’re not in the home buying or selling process. With the winter season upon us we’ve put together a list of ten client appreciation events you can organize as a REALTOR® to give back to your clients.

1. Ice skating

A Canadian classic: skating! Consider renting out a local ice rink for an afternoon and invite clients and their children to join for an open skate. You can make this event sparkle by providing snacks or warm beverages, like hot chocolate, for in between twirls around the ice.

Man helping young boy tie skates.

2. Group tastings

This one is a great way to support other local businesses. Try picking up some local snacks or beverages that you can use for a group taste testing experience. You could round this event out by providing catering and games, or take-home samples for attendees.

A bunch of teas on a tray.

3. Indoor playground

Do you have a lot of clients with young children? Consider renting out an indoor playground and inviting everyone to burn off some energy during the cold winter months. Many indoor playgrounds also offer the option to cater children’s favourites, like pizza and chicken fingers, to keep everyone happy!

Kids in indoor jungle gym.

4. Movie screening

When it’s just too cold to go outside, an easy indoor activity is to turn your board room into a movie theatre and invite clients to come watch a movie together. Try completing this event with the traditional movie snacks (popcorn, anyone?). We recommend picking a movie that’s family friendly, so all can enjoy it!

Popcorn in bags.

5. Craft workshop

Are you crafty, or have some crafty people in your life? Think about offering a workshop to make something for their home. Pottery painting, wreath making, flower arranging, water colour painting… the list goes on! Not only is this a fun activity for your clients, but they get to walk away with something to remember the experience by.

People arranging flowers.

6. Trivia night

There’s nothing like getting into the competitive spirit and learning something new along the way! We recommend providing some great prizes for the winning team(s) to really make this trivia night special.

Pen and paper with beers.

7. Swimming

Trying to enjoy winter, but just really missing your favourite summer activities? Think about renting out a local swimming pool to provide your clients with an open swim. These events often offer a less crowded experience than public open swims, a win for everyone!

Indoor recreation pool.

8. Photo studio

Many people are always looking for great professional photos, whether it be for the entire family or professional headshots. Consider hiring a professional photographer to do 15-minute sessions for your clients with one or two photos delivered. We bet your clients will be grateful not to have to book the time themselves!

Photographer holding camera.

9. Mixology class

For a more mature option, consider working with a local bar or mixologist to run a mixology class where attendees can learn how to make a new drink or two. Here’s a bonus idea: try to think of some fun drink names that reflect special places or people in your community.

Person pouring a cocktail.

10. Snow tubing

Embrace the great Canadian outdoors! Put together a group outing to go tubing or sledding in your community. We recommend bringing warm beverages along or following up the outing with catered poutine to make this activity truly ‘Canadian’.

Group of young people snow tubing.

Bonus: Send a letter

If you can’t or don’t have time to plan an event, consider sending a personalized letter to your clients over the holidays to stay connected and show your appreciation.

Winter can be slower for REALTORS® but it’s a great time to give back and show appreciation to your existing clients in whatever way makes sense for you. We encourage you to get creative and continue to think outside the box to make your events have a lasting impression.

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