Weekly Blend: October 4, 2013

Each week, the Weekly Blend will feature interesting links to real estate news, tidbits or topics of interest you can enjoy with your favourite cup of coffee. It may even become a great conversation starter at your next client meeting. Happy reading!

Here are my weekly picks:

Depending on where you live, $165,000 can buy you a shed or a mansion.

Move over Google campus…here come’s Facebook Towers.

Update on a story featured in our Read All About it…an Aylmer, Ontario couple held an essay writing contest to give away their house…and things didn’t go as planned.

Do you know that it costs less money to own a piece of the Empire State Building than it does to go to the top of the Empire State Building?

Pennsylvania’s “premier haunted house” lets guests confront two fears at once…haunted houses and public nudity.

Palo Alto, California is making it illegal to sell a new home without an electric car charging station.

We’ve all thought about this at one time or another…how many potatoes will it take to power your house?

This past week Kingston Penitentiary opened its doors for public tours…here’s a photographic look inside Canada’s most famous prison.

A knitted house? That’s right. A Kalamazoo artist knitted herself a safe house. Here’s the article…and here’s some audio.

Jonathan Baker, our former Speech Writer, contributed to the development of speeches, advertisements, and communications to our membership. Our staff knew him as the go-to guy at 200 Catherine for some comic relief. Prior to joining CREA, Jon worked in the radio industry in Ottawa. If you meet Jon, be sure to ask him to tell you about his encounters with many famous musicians while volunteering at a local music festival for more than 10 years.

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