5 reasons to join your local Young Professionals Network

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When you want to learn to ride a bike, you start with training wheels. Or, you head to the park where you can watch others in action or ask them for tips. You may still fall off now and again, but tackling something new with a little extra help can go a long way in making it seem much less intimidating.

See where I’m going with this? Whatever your reasons for starting a career in real estate, taking advantage of professional development opportunities when starting out provides opportunity to practice, ask questions, and talk about challenges, as well as helps create positive work habits that will last throughout your career.

Ever since I entered the real estate industry back in 2009, Young Professionals Networks (YPNs) have been a great place for me to surround myself with like-minded people keen to investigate trends and offer new perspectives and insight. Whether you’re new to the industry and are looking for mentorship, or have years of experience and are looking to provide some, here are my 5 reasons to join your local Board YPN:

1)    Goal setting

Organization, accountability, and work-ethic are important during your first few years in the industry. Goal setting during this time can become a catalyst for success in the years ahead. As a YPN member, you’ll have the chance to be inspired by others and have doors opened to new opportunities. These make the perfect ingredients for limit-pushing and lasting career goals!

2)    Community building

We should build on successes and learn from our mistakes not only as individuals but as a REALTOR® community. Talking with others and staying current on local issues is a great way to share what works and avoid common pitfalls within our industry. After all, working together means a stronger and more connected community!

3)    Networking

Continuing from my last point, sometimes life as a real estate agent can become a bit isolating. Being a part of a local YPN enables you to meet other like-minded professionals, get out and participate in new activities, or become a part of local committees. It’s a fantastic place to explore new opportunities and build your professional resume. Not only that, making new friends is always an added perk.

4)    Leadership training

Inevitably, everyone starts out as a “beginner”. One of the great things about being a part of a network like the YPN is that your “beginner” phase doesn’t last all that long. Between networking, learning, and a slew of available activities – it’s a perfect environment to tune and hone your own leadership skills. Soon, you’ll have your own wealth of experience and will be able to share your wisdom with the next set of beginners.

5)    Continued learning

With ongoing educational opportunities provided by your local YPN, you’ll be able to hear first-hand from industry specialists, explore/test a variety of scenarios, and ask as many questions as you’d like! You can also play an active role in policy discussions regarding local real estate matters and be informed about latest news and trends.

Your local YPN is like the training wheels to your career. You still get the thrill and exhilaration of the ride, but with the added comfort of knowing that there’s less chance you’ll take a fall.

We thank Branden for sharing why he thinks you should join your local YPN. Are you already a member or are thinking of joining? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

Branden Kameka entered the real estate business in 2009 where he co-founded and is a Broker at The Realty Shop Inc., Brokerage in Mississauga, Ontario. Branden is also an avid Young Professionals Network (YPN) advocate, helping create and acting as Chair of the Mississauga YPN while also serving on the Ontario Real Estate Association and Toronto YPN Committees. In addition to his duties at the Board level, and leading the training program at The Realty Shop, Branden specializes in assisting buyers and sellers in his community.

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