5 things you need to know about .REALTOR

Thanks to our partnership with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), who have acquired the new top-level domain (TLD) for exclusive use by REALTOR® members, they have extended this opportunity to CREA members in Canada, as well.

There has been some confusion surrounding the registration process: When is it available? Who can do what? These 5 “need-to-knows” should help to clarify things as they apply to members of CREA.

1. Registration for REALTOR® members:

Beginning October 23, 2014, REALTOR® members will be able to create a .REALTOR account at claim.REALTOR. From there you’ll choose your domainname(s) and continue through the checkout process.

It’s important to note that .REALTOR domains will NOT be available through existing domain registration websites like GoDaddy and can only be obtained through the NAR’s claim.REALTOR registration site.

All domain names will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and REALTOR® members can purchase as many domains as they wish.

REALTOR® members will be allowed to use the .REALTOR domain only in connection with their name and, as such, NAR has created specific naming guidelines for .REALTOR, which are outlined on CREA’s .REALTOR page.

2. Pricing for .REALTOR domains:

CREA will be offering a free domain to the first 10,000 members who register for one year. After the first free domain, pricing for additional domains will start at $39.95 (USD) and discounts for multiple domains and multiple year purchases will be available. More information on pricing is available on CREA’s .REALTOR page.

3. The importance of .REALTOR domains:

The .REALTOR domain creates a name space for REALTOR® members online, instantly identifying them as a credible source of real estate information who also adhere to the REALTOR® Code. NAR is one of the first associations approved to offer a top-level domain exclusively for its membership, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to its members and showcasing the value of the REALTOR® brand.

In Canada, only real estate licensees who are members of CREA and subscribe to the REALTOR® Code can call themselves REALTORS®.

The top-level domain will also deliver additional branding and marketing value to REALTOR® members and affiliates.

4. Registration for Brokers, Boards or Associations:

The .REALTOR domains will be released in phases, with Phase I open to members and subsequent phases in 2015, to be open to firms/offices, Boards and Associations. The designated REALTOR® member for an office will be able to claim a domain when they become available. Registration of firm/office domains may only be made by the Broker of Record and must match their firm/office name in CREA’s NAF. Other legal or “doing business as” names are not permitted. The business rules for naming conventions provide additional details and can be found here.

5. Proper .REALTOR domain names:

Descriptive and generic terms, including geographic terms, may not be used adjacent to the .REALTOR TLD. The .REALTOR domain must feature the registrant’s first, last, or complete name immediately preceding the .REALTOR TLD.

The following are examples of proper .REALTOR domains for Jane Smith, REALTOR®:

  • janesmith.REALTOR
  • buywithjanesmith.REALTOR
  • smith.REALTOR
  • calljane.REALTOR
  • jsmith.REALTOR
  • sellwithsmith.REALTOR
  • jane.REALTOR

The following are examples of improper .REALTOR domains:

  • js.REALTOR
  • your.REALTOR
  • janesmiththebest.REALTOR
  • janesmithrealtor.REALTOR
  • smithteam.REALTOR

For more ideas, please visit the .REALTOR Guidelines and Usage Section.

And, as always, should you have any questions regarding this or any of the products or services we support, you can always contact CREA Member Support.

Patrick Pichette, Vice-President, REALTOR.ca, is responsible for the development and growth of Canada’s leading real estate website, and other technology services that help REALTORS® in Canada and their businesses. As the head of the Product Management and IT Services departments, he is constantly evaluating the latest technology trends. Patrick is also the staff liaison on CREA’s Technology Committee. Prior to joining CREA, he held marketing and product management leadership positions with MD Physician Services (a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association) and the Canadian Tourism Commission. When not at work, Patrick can be found at a local rink or baseball diamond coaching his favourite sports.

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