Cliff Stevenson Reflects on his Time as Chair

As I reflect on my time as CREA Chair, I think back to the message that was passed on to me from the outset: we’re stronger together.

With boards and associations and the REALTOR® community working together, there’s not much we can’t do. We all have common goals that’ll help drive our industry forward and I’m glad to say we’ve made fantastic progress toward them because we were able to strengthen our working relationships.

The trust built this year is one of the things I’ll look back on most fondly, not only because it allowed us to work together across the REALTOR® community more effectively, but because I know it’ll be a solid foundation to build on moving forward. I certainly didn’t start at ground zero when I took on the position, thanks to the efforts of everyone before me, so I’m grateful I’ll be able to say the same for my successor. While the Board of Directors will look slightly different next year, I’m confident they’ll be able to continue moving initiatives toward their end goals.

None of what we accomplished could have been possible without willing participants from all aspects of REALTOR® communities and we certainly had a busy year! In a federal election year, our messaging, engagement, and conversations with the government lead to some significant wins, like the appointment of a new housing minister and a commitment to increasing housing supply, which are fantastic examples of what we can accomplish when our ideas are clear and united.

If there’s one final message I want to pass along, it’s that you really can make a difference, even as one person. From personal experience, I’ve learned volunteering, and contributing your ideas, time, and specific skillset to a cause is one of the most rewarding things. It has such a tremendous impact on our communities, our industry, and our sense of purpose. The past couple years have really highlighted some of our industry’s pitfalls, but also the power and resiliency of people when we support each other in making important strides.

Thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of communicating with because of this role. Each conversation, even the more difficult ones, left me feeling incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity.

Wishing you all the best,

Cliff Stevenson

Cliff Stevenson is a licensed REALTOR® and part owner of RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta, and has been a busy industry member for more than 14 years. After graduating from the University of Regina with a BA in Economics in 2001, Cliff moved to Calgary to work in the corporate world and began to take a keen interest in real estate shortly thereafter. In 2016, Cliff served as President of the Calgary Real Estate Board. He has also served on numerous local and provincial committees. Cliff is a Past-Chair of CREA’s Technology Committee, the Past-Chair of the National Advertising Campaign Committee and has served as CREA’s Vice President, Chair-Elect and Chair.

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