Extra! Extra! REALTOR.ca partners with The Globe and Mail to display your listings

Have you heard the news? One of Canada’s most popular sources for real estate news, market analysis and housing data, The Globe and Mail, has joined the REALTOR.ca DDF® network and is now displaying REALTOR® listings.

This partnership will increase national exposure for REALTOR® listings, reinforce the trusted REALTOR® brand and provides an innovative opportunity to generate high quality leads for REALTORS®.

Last year, the REALTOR.ca DDF® drove nearly 250,000 additional email leads through real estate advertising websites.

“Consumers visit multiple websites during their home buying journey—and not just real estate websites. We’re focused on uncovering new and diversified partnership opportunities like The Globe and Mail to further extend the reach of our REALTORS® listings and match home buyers with the right property when and where they are looking,” Patrick Pichette, Vice-President, REALTOR.ca said.

Three things you need to know about The Globe and Mail joining the REALTOR.ca DDF® network:

  • Only REALTOR® listings are displayed on The Globe and Mail;
  • The Globe and Mail’s website receives more than seven million unique readers per month; and
  • The listings are selected based on contextually relevant criteria including location and price.

Broker owners must opt in to sharing listings with websites in the advertising network like Globe and Mail, Kijiji and TD. Speak to your broker today to see if REALTOR® permissions are enabled, or view your permissions in the DDF® Dashboard.

Get started with these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to the Permissions page on the REALTOR.ca DDF® dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to “Real Estate Advertising Websites.”
  3. Click the “yes” box to start sending your listings to The Globe and Mail (and/or any of the other 11 Real Estate Advertising Websites listed).

Learn more by visiting our REALTOR.ca DDF® How-to Guide on REALTOR Link®.

Are you a brokerage owner? Follow this link to share your listings with theglobeandmail.com.

Chris Ferrante was a Product Manager with CREA, who worked to promote the value of REALTOR.ca to both CREA members and consumers using digital marketing methods. Chris is a longtime musician, and supporter of his local music scene. When not brushing up on his guitar skills, attending local concerts, or volunteering his time with OrKidstra, you'll find him playing hockey, volleyball, or flag football.

7 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! REALTOR.ca partners with The Globe and Mail to display your listings”

  1. Do those MLS listings, that Real Estate Brokerage owners permit and consent to, appear in the Globe and Mail also include rental listings in addition to sale listings? When is the Globe and Mail going to start this or has it already started?

    1. Hello, thank you for your question. The listings are selected based on contextually relevant criteria including location and price. They are now live on select real estate and personal finance articles on theglobeandmail.com.

  2. What does it mean listing’s selection base on the location and price. Is it not up to me, If I would like my listing to be display? Please explain in details.
    thank you

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Listings will only appear on The Globe and Mail if a REALTOR® has opted in.
      Broker owners must first opt in to participate in the REALTOR.ca DDF® feeds. Then you will need to manage your permissions on member.realtor.ca to include The Globe and Mail. Listings on The Globe and Mail articles are selected based on criteria such as location and price.
      If you would like to learn more about DDF®, visit our REALTOR.ca DDF® How-to Guide on REALTOR Link® (http://education.realtorlink.ca/ddf/howto/#t=Participating_in_Third_Party_Destinations1.htm) or contact support@crea.ca.

  3. Great, this is excellent news that our listings can be seen in the Globe & Mail…awesome ! Thankyou for telling we agents in Kingston.

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