How REALTORS® Can Prioritize Safety on the Job

REALTORS® often find themselves working face-to-face with strangers, in unfamiliar or even remote locations. This can mean REALTORS® are put into vulnerable positions, so it’s important we empower members to make safety a priority.

In the fall of 2023, CREA launched a survey to gain a better understanding of the safety concerns and issues facing our members.

Our main goals were to:

  • collect and distribute data on the safety practices of REALTORS® in Canada;
  • raise awareness about the importance of REALTOR® safety; and
  • gather insights for the development of tailored safety resources (including learning and development courses).

CREA received more than 1,400 responses, which has provided us with three key findings.

1. 9.6% of respondents reported they have been a victim of a crime while working as a REALTOR®.

2. In the past 12 months, 55% of REALTOR® respondents have met a client alone at a secluded location/property.

3. 57% of REALTOR® respondents have hosted an open house alone in the past year. Of those, 24% expressed feeling unsafe during these showings.

We’re pleased to see most REALTORS® who responded reported having safety protocols in place and follow those protocols with every client.

In addition, an overwhelming majority of respondents also reported they advise their clients to keep certain items safe during open houses and viewings, and notify a spouse, friend, or family member of their location before showing a home.

Less than 25% of REALTORS® reported having taken a REALTOR®-specific safety course, but of those who did, 82% reported feeling more comfortable and better prepared for unknown situations after taking one.

CREA is committed to ensuring the safety of REALTORS® remains a top priority. For this reason, we’re now offering two safety-related courses, Navigating REALTOR® Safety and Raising Cybersecurity Awareness free to members looking to enhance their knowledge and learn practical strategies to keep safe on the job. You can find additional information at a glance by viewing CREA’s Navigating REALTOR® Safety Checklist and the Raising Cybersecurity Awareness Resource Guide.

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