REAL TIME Podcast: The Nature of Productive Disagreements

How can you navigate contentious situations with skill, ensuring that even the most challenging disagreements are resolved productively? Anthony Morgan, an award-winning science communicator, joins REAL TIME to discuss strategies for REALTORS® to do exactly this.

Throughout the episode, we speak about the power of curiosity, even when you truly believe you understand the motivations behind your counterpart in conversation. Morgan shares effective approaches REALTORS® can use to keep the conversation going, find middle ground, and ensure everyone’s perspectives are heard and accounted for.

Thinking outside of the box

If you were to draw a nine-dot matrix (like the one below), could you connect all the dots without lifting your pen/pencil off the paper in just four lines?

This is an insight problem with a near 0% success rate. Not only does Morgan highlight why – he also shares the solution and how it relates to thinking outside the box.

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Anthony’s story

You may have seen Morgan on Daily Planet and The Nature of Things with Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, but he’s also the mastermind behind Freestyle Socials, a live, experimental game designed to “undivide” people despite their disagreements.

By leveraging his insights from pioneering projects like Freestyle Socials, Morgan offers a unique perspective on overcoming impasses and finding common ground. He also shares the five “Cs” of science, curiosity, creativity, collaboration, calm, and courage, and skillfully depicts how these can be integrated into business and daily life to help overcome challenges and disagreements. So, when you encounter a couple who can’t seem to agree on location, or when you’re in a tough negotiation on behalf of your clients, Morgan’s advice might be just what you need.

“I believe that human beings are the most cooperative species that we’ve ever seen on the face of this planet and we evolve to be that.”

– Anthony Morgan

REAL TIME, the podcast for REALTORS®

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