How to colour your way to a better day!

Chances are you or someone close to you has been the recipient of the latest trend in stress relief: adult colouring books. No matter whether you’re new to the craft or have been a fan even before the fad – the benefits of putting coloured pen (or pencil or crayon) to paper are diverse and tangible!

That’s why we’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon to share with you a few pages inspired by REALTORS® we hope you’ll print off and use whenever you’re in need of a few minutes of stress relief, mind relaxation, focus, expression or creativity!

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We bet you haven’t come across this magical listing on Canada’s most popular real estate,, before! It exists in a world where dogs, cats, birds and butterflies reside in perfect harmony.

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For the past few years, CREA Café, our official blog, has been the destination to catch up on the latest real estate-related news, insights and trends over a virtual cup of coffee. The beauty of this delicious cup? It’s lactose, sugar, caffeine and calorie free!

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REALTORS®, we know you have a lot of heart. And, through the Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation, we’ve been able to see the many ways you spread your generosity throughout your communities and beyond!

Feel free to print one or all of these colouring pages and keep them handy for when you need a minute or two to yourself. Of course, we also hope you’ll share your finished pages with us! Post them on our Facebook page or on Twitter using #CREACafé!

Giulia Doyle, CREA’s former Director of Communications, managed a dynamic team of talented communicators, event planners and translators. Since starting her career in Switzerland, Giulia has gained more than 20 years of communications experience in the private sector as well as the agency side. When not in the office, Giulia can often be found travelling the world with her family, snapping pictures along the way.

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