How to Use Local Insights to Expand Your Business

With an abundance of data available at your fingertips, it’s important to leverage this information to put your business ahead.

With Local Insights, you can now analyze key analytics such as keywords, popular search filters and demographics from the areas you care about.

In 2019, CREA gathered an immense amount of data from more than 291 million sessions on We’ve packaged it into a clean and simple dashboard allowing you to filter information by city and timeframe.

What can Local Insights do for me?

  • Explore top keywords in your area;
  • See what listing features are in high demand; and
  • Discover demographics of potential customers.

By using the top keywords for your area in listing descriptions, your listings become more searchable. We recommend using these keywords in your marketing campaigns as well; they resonate with your target audience!

You can also fine tune your listing descriptions and marketing campaigns by highlighting listing features in high demand in your area. Use the Local Insights top search filters function to discover what’s popular near you.

It’s also important to know who to market your business to.Discover the age of visitors, what proportion are first-time home buyers versus repeat buyers and so much more—all in the areas you do business in. 

You understand your market. Let Local Insights complement your expertise to confirm your assumptions and learn something new so you can provide the best customer service possible.

Tip: You can also find important consumer data in the 2019 Insights Report.As this tool continues to grow, we want your feedback! Leave your comments below, or email

Chris Ferrante was a Product Manager with CREA, who worked to promote the value of to both CREA members and consumers using digital marketing methods. Chris is a longtime musician, and supporter of his local music scene. When not brushing up on his guitar skills, attending local concerts, or volunteering his time with OrKidstra, you'll find him playing hockey, volleyball, or flag football.

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