Real Estate TikTok is Thriving—Here’s How to Get in on the Action

TikTok may seem to be dominated by Gen Z and trending dances, but many people have taken the opportunity the platform provides to put themselves out there in a way that wasn’t available before.

TikTok is now the seventh most used social network in the world, only ranking below the giants—like Facebook and Instagram—and has more than double the active users as Twitter. With that many people using the app, you don’t have to be a dancer, or a comedian to make your way on TikTok; sometimes a fresh take, being relatable, or the power of observation is all it takes to resonate with your audience.


Where do I start?

So, how exactly can a REALTOR® use TikTok to grow their business? Well, let’s start with a big question: “what should I post?”

The answer can be different for everyone but according to a Global Web Index survey the majority of TikTok users’ primary reason for being on the app is “entertainment”, especially to find “funny or entertaining videos” followed by “for inspiration” and more specifically “for new ideas” or “to learn new things”.

In real estate, there are always new insights REALTORS® can impart on their audiences, and often those lessons come with entertaining anecdotes. Wouldn’t it be nice if sellers knew the basics of staging, and buyers had a better idea of the expertise you bring to the table? Use your learned experiences, and (no doubt) long list of stories to inspire you. Soon, the next time you get a call that seems too odd to be true you’ll be thinking “now that would be entertaining content”.

Like this REALTOR®, Alex Dunbar, who ? “finally had enough”?:


It’s a complex issue which we have very little control of ##realestate ##realtor ##vancouver ##surrey ##canada

♬ original sound – Alex Dunbar | REALTOR®

Dunbar said he “actually wrote an offer for a client, who happened to be a 50+ year old single mom without ever meeting in person… [she] reached out to me as she had been following me on TikTok for a few months and liked both my personality and the knowledge I shared about buying real estate. My advice to others is just get started!”

Here are some ideas and existing trends to get you started:

  • the Living Room blog has tons of content;
  • the benefits of using a REALTOR®;
  • strangest or coolest thing you’ve seen at a listing;
  • tips for staging a home;
  • things to do before moving into a new home;
  • video about the status of the market you work in (like this one by @realtormichela);
  • listing walkthroughs/teasers; or
  • what the current average home price might buy in your city/neighbourhood.

*Note: You should always be mindful of what information you’re sharing online—avoid sharing too many personal details so you can maintain privacy for you, and your clients.

Think about ‘batching’ your content. Choose a day that you know you have time (clients willing) and come prepared with a list of ideas, props, other people, and what you want to accomplish. Film several videos. This way you won’t feel as much pressure to perform on the spot, don’t need to record new content as frequently and can simply save your videos to post another day.

Woman making TikTok

Not Quite Ready to Create 100% Original Content? No Problem!

If you’re struggling to come up with original content, not to fear, you can find trending audio within the app (known to the TikTok user base as a ‘sound’) and apply it to a common experience in real estate. For example: this REALTOR® used a popular ‘sound’ to mirror a trend where people ask: “Are they attractive, or do they just *insert superficial trait here*?”


Does anyone know the answers? #realtorhumor #realtoroftiktok #realtortok #realtoroftiktok #realtortips #realtorproblems #realtorprobs #realtorsrelate

♬ Pretty young twearkalator – ✨yUh✨

Fun fact: The most liked post on TikTok is a simple lip sync video by Bella Poarch. It has more than 49.7 million likes.

Another great way to use existing content to inspire your own videos is by using TikTok’s ‘duet’ feature. This allows you to hop-on a trend quickly and easily by starting with another creator’s video and producing a side-by-side ‘duet’ where your video and that of another creator play simultaneously on screen next to each other. Many people will use the feature to record their reactions to the original video—think: your shock at someone’s DIY home reno gone wrong and your recommendation to help fix it, for example.

You can also use this feature to give feedback on the original video. For example: someone testing paint swatches in their home, and you tell them which to choose. Sure, you may not actually impact the decision of the original creator, but you might still influence another user in a similar situation.

In the same vein, you can also ‘stitch’ your video together with another creator’s by choosing a video, saving it, and choosing the section you want to include, before or after your own content. Or, use the ‘green screen’ feature play the photo or video you choose in the background, and you can be in the foreground talking about what is now ‘behind’ you.

Woman making TikTok

So, you’ve started creating content, what now?

Engage with people within the app. Try following other REALTORS® and interacting with their content.

Follow relevant industry hashtags (like #REALTORtok) and stay specific to your location whenever possible.

Tag your brokerage or group, if they have an account and share or ‘duet’ each other’s content. Share videos with your clients, friends, and family and encourage them to follow you. Include your TikTok handle in your other social media bios, your email signature, and on your website.

Did you know: CREA’s national ad campaign included TikTok content for the first time this year? This year’s campaign “Welcome Home” included a mix of digital, social and traditional media platforms to help extend our reach even further while demonstrating the value of a REALTOR®. View the campaign or download content to use on your channels.


If you want a space you can truly make your own, a REALTOR® will have your back.

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz


We know many REALTORS® are already using Instagram for their businesses, and your content recorded for TikTok can pull double-duty using Instagram’s Reels tool. In essence, it has the same function as TikTok, and follows many of the same patterns and trends. If you do choose to go this route, note Instagram will prioritize Reels content that doesn’t feature the TikTok watermark.

Yes, this’ll absolutely take time, and getting used to using a new tool always comes with a learning curve, but TikTok’s built-in video editor is pretty user-friendly, and there are many accounts that share tips and advice on how to create some of the trending video styles and transitions you’ll encounter on your feed. Maybe your first video won’t go viral, but it only gets easier from there!

Dawn Faithfull is CREA’s Communications Coordinator, so whether you know it or not, you’ve probably read something she’s written. Prior to joining CREA, Dawn gained experience in marketing, communications, and event management working for national restaurant brands, and international events and entertainment companies. If she isn’t working, you’ll find her practicing yoga, reading, or outside enjoying everything from water sports to cycling.

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