REAL TIME Podcast: The Future of keeps REALTORS® at the heart of the real estate transaction while providing the most comprehensive collection of active listings in Canada to help guide property buyers, sellers, and renters.

Each year, sends more than five million leads to REALTORS® and holds nearly 50% market share. That’s great now but how can continue to secure its position as the market leader for years to come?

On this episode of REAL TIME, we spoke to Jill Oudil, CREA’s Chair, Patrick Pichette, Vice President of, and Andrew Jackson, CREA’s Head of Business Development about why now is the perfect time to shift Canada’s No. 1 real estate platform into a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of CREA.

All three guests stressed the importance of maintaining a REALTOR®-focused approach to real estate transactions, and relevancy with consumers. They also outlined the major contributing factors behind’s current success, including the elements of the platform consumers value most: that it’s trustworthy, transparent, and unbiased.

We also learned why the time to innovate is now. The prop-tech marketplace is becoming increasingly saturated, and we heard how leadership plans to preserve their position, do what’s best for REALTORS®, and build consumer loyalty into the future.

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Dawn Faithfull is a Communications Advisor at CREA. Find her BTS of the REAL TIME podcast, on socials, or writing content for CREA and Dawn has previously worked in marketing, communications, and event management everywhere from national restaurant brands, to international events and entertainment companies. If she isn’t working, you’ll find her practicing yoga, reading, or outside enjoying everything from water sports to cycling.

4 thoughts on “REAL TIME Podcast: The Future of”

  1. I downloaded the App for (Black) … When I logged in it takes me to my board. My understanding from what was said on the podcast, it would take me to
    I understand that CREA is looking to move to a for-profit, but will we then be paying 2 organizations (CREA & NSAR) for the same information?

    Would appreciate your comments on my concerns

    1. Hi Marg,
      The app with the black icon is the Member App (where REALTORS® get access to listing stats, leads, scheduled reports and office listings). The app with the red icon is our consumer app and will lead you to CREA is looking to transition into a for-profit subsidiary of CREA. It will be business as usual for all things CREA – the reason behind the transition for is that we’d be able to pursue more revenue (which is difficult in our current not-for-profit model) so we can do more with the platform.

  2. As a for-profit platform, is the plan to charge agents for leads, and or paid listing ad locations? is a major member benefit and tool. Trust and transparency to the consumer are enforced by the non-profit status and user experience (no ads). A paid site may include ads and paid placements which will make just like every other real estate website ie. Zillow. It will be a challenge for the Board to find the delicate balance between a commercial enterprise and an industry tool that serves its members. Where do I find a copy of the “Roadmap” mentioned in this podcast? Thank you, Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the question.’s mission will not change — it will continue to be a value-driver for members, and a trusted destination for consumers. Selling leads back to members is out of the question. When it comes to user experience, the fact that listing pages are not full of ads is one of the key reasons why we’ve built so much trust with consumers. It is imperative we protect that trust. To stay up to date with upcoming features and functionality of the website and mobile apps, check back regularly on the CREA Café blog, REAL TIME Podcast, the monthly News2me member newsletter and our social media channels.

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