REAL TIME Podcast: Elevate Your Influence Online

In 2022, Meta reported 74% of users use their platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to discover products and brands, a statistic highlighting the opportunities REALTORS® have to find and connect with potential clients on social media.

However, it’s no longer enough to just create a business page on social media platforms. With so much content circulating, it can be hard to break through the noise. Instead, it’s important to create content in alignment with your brand, and to build your niche with a clear target audience in mind.

On this episode of REAL TIME, we’re joined by Shannae Ingleton Smith, President, CEO and co-founder of Kensington Grey Agency, a boutique influencer agency rooted in diversity, to discuss building a niche, and how to strike an effective balance between telling your own story and having others, like influencers or clients, champion your brand for you.

As an expert in content creation and storytelling, Ingleton Smith provides insights into how REALTORS® can create relevant, authentic content that speaks to their ideal client.

Delving deeper, Ingleton Smith shares her recommendations on where REALTORS® should start when considering integrating influencer marketing and how to find the right personalities to represent your brand.

If you want to work smarter with your digital marketing and build your online community, tune into this episode of the REAL TIME podcast. You can listen anywhere you get your podcasts, or at

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Leslie Kellestine is a Communications Advisor with CREA. Prior to joining CREA’s team, Leslie worked on Parliament Hill where she developed and executed communications plans for federal politicians. After work, Leslie loves to go horseback riding, hit the trails with her dog Effie and try out the newest cocktail lounge in town.

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