How Serving on a CREA Committee Can Benefit You

Each year, members of the REALTOR® community volunteer their time and expertise to help guide our national association’s work through our board and operational committees. In addition to being at the forefront of decision-making, CREA committees can help you to grow professionally while giving back to the industry you love.

We asked current committee members what they learned from their experience and how it’s benefited their development. Here’s what they said:

Mani Ayatollahi, a member of the Technology Committee, says serving on a volunteer committee is a career influencing experience and provides insight into the workings of the national association.

“Being on the [committee], I understand the complexities involved [in decision making] and limitations from budgeting, contracts, and different asks from different boards. The best thing about being on the committee is meeting members from across Canada. The mindshare is invaluable. Being on the committee benefited me in many ways but most importantly working around a lot of limitations that one may not be used to in the private corporate world. 

For anyone who is truly looking to give back, make a change for the better of all our colleagues and improve our industry for the better, I strongly advise to apply. It is a great experience and helping in anyway always gives a good feeling.” 

Jennifer Lucas, a member of the Federal Affairs Committee, said she applied to join a committee to contribute in a positive way to the REALTOR® association community.

“During 2020 it became abundantly clear how important it is to have an organization such as CREA to advocate on our behalf and I wanted to understand the ins and outs of federal advocacy a bit better. By doing so, I have met like-minded REALTORS® from across the country and I have spoken to numerous Members of Parliament (MPs) and staff about the importance of housing for all and the need to engage all levels of government to address housing supply issues. These conversations have provided me with the confidence to go back to my local market and communicate these issues, in an impactful way, to existing and potential clients as well as community leaders. I would encourage anyone looking for ways to positively influence change within our industry in an area that, I feel sometimes gets overlooked, but is critical to how we are able to do business, they should consider applying for the Federal Affairs Committee.”

Jill Oudil
Jill Oudil

Current CREA Chair, Jill Oudil, has had the opportunity to serve on several committees.

“It has been fantastic to be able to not only help our industry but also, I have to say my personal growth. When you can have input into important topics benefiting REALTORS®, it makes all the invested time worthwhile. It also allows you to get to know other leaders in our industry. I highly recommend getting involved.”

We’re calling on all REALTORS® and board/association staff to apply to serve on one of our volunteer board/operational committees.

How do I apply to join a CREA committee?

Visit to complete the online application form. Tell us more about yourself, your history and why you’d make a valuable addition to the committee(s) of your choice. All applications must be submitted by Friday, February 17, 2023, to be considered.

Still have questions? Read our blog: Are You Ready to Join a CREA Committee? You can also watch our information webinar on our YouTube page or read our FAQ section on

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