Examining the ‘Canadian’ Experience, with Lainey Lui

On Episode 31 of REAL TIME, we were joined by Lainey Lui, media personality, ETALK correspondent and co-host of The Social, to talk about how varied Canadian experiences can influence and benefit lifestyle trends. Lui also told us how her experience working in celebrity gossip has taught her many lessons about society, humanity, and what you can learn over a casual conversation with a friend.

“Academics from Oxford University to Stanford have all put out papers and research on gossip as a very, very primitive and human form of communication. There is a sociological value to gossip because what gossip is, it’s an exchange of information,” said Lui. “When we are talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, the never-ending celebrity triangle. In that conversation that you have with somebody, you can actually find out what they think about marriage, about infidelity, about divorce, about women on women combat. It’s more of a reflection of what your value system is than what those subjects are.”

We often hear about Canada ranking as one of the best countries in the world for quality of life, but what does living in Canada really mean? How does the Canadian experience differ across regional and cultural intersections? And what social, cultural, or lifestyle trends might be impacting Canadians’ real estate decisions?

“My checklist for our home was mostly determined by Chinese feng shui principles. They can be very complicated,” Lui said. “We told our REALTOR® here’s our budget, here’s what we’re thinking, here’s the size but one thing you can’t show us, we don’t want to see is a home with a staircase that goes right out the front door, faces the front door because I can’t live here.” 

Lui walks us through her home buying journey and explains the cultural nuances that played into the decision. Like REALTORS®, she emphasizes how every clients’ story is unique and those perspective can have a significant impact when building a lasting relationship.

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Lui talks about a community-oriented vision for Canada that embraces diversity at every level and breaks down the image of Canada as a monolith. As a first-generation Canadian, Lui knows there are many stereotypes about what it means to be “Canadian”, but the variation in experiences is part of what makes the country so interesting.

“We don’t have to be trapped in this reputation of hockey, beer, beavers, maples, and all of that. When we accept that we don’t have to be all those things, the possibility is endless for what we can be,” said Lui.

Lui also discusses her family’s experience as newcomers in Canada.

“This was in the ’70s and so their experience was, it was tough. The language barrier was definitely an issue. Having qualifications that sometimes didn’t transfer from one country to the other was also an issue,” Lui said, while also noting both her parents would consider the struggle worth it.

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