The Anatomy of Marketing: Trends, Tactics, Tools and More

In a business as referral driven as real estate, where do modern marketing techniques fit in, and how can REALTORS® make the most of them?

On Episode 29 of REAL TIME, we’re joined by Priyanka Goswami, Executive Vice President of One-to-One and Customer Experience at No Fixed Address, an award-winning creative agency. Goswami shares insight into the building blocks of a great customer-focused, digital marketing strategy and how to measure its success. She also gave us real-life examples REALTORS® can use to improve their own overall marketing success.

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Whether it’s being more hands-on and explanatory for first-time home buyers, or using more efficient terminology with experienced investors, Goswami dives into the nuance of tailoring your message to meet your audience where they are in every aspect of communications. Goswami shares ways you can transfer those skills to your marketing efforts and what tactics can be used to elevate your strategies.

Today, there are so many digital channels to reach an audience, and you don’t necessarily need to use them all. Goswami helps us understand how to discern the best ones to support your particular business, and achieve your goals.

“It’s really about looking at the data and organizing it in meaningful ways to identify who your high-value audiences are,” she said.

She also outlines how to go about positioning your business when it, and your personal brand and reputation are so intertwined.

“It’s not just enough to have really super strong messaging in your mass advertising or say something in a TV spot. You got to make sure that you’re paying that positioning off and how people are experiencing your brand. If you’re marketing yourselves as really trustworthy and caring, then you got to pay that off in the experience,” she said.

Working with a client, from the first time you meet, through closing day, can take years in real estate, and the journey is completely unique each time. How do you stay top-of-mind throughout the process? How can you tailor your messaging to adapt to each phase? Goswami fills us in on why personalization is so important for maintaining genuine relationships.

“We may all love and consume the same brands and products … but our expectations and needs are going to be so different, so you’re going to obviously gravitate towards the one that’s going to provide that better experience,” she said.

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From lead, to client, to possible referral, there are a lot of considerations REALTORS® make when deciding how best to mix traditional with digital marketing strategies, and by the end of this episode of REAL TIME you’re sure to have a few takeaways to work into your personal strategy.

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Dawn Faithfull is CREA’s Communications Coordinator, so whether you know it or not, you’ve probably read something she’s written. Prior to joining CREA, Dawn gained experience in marketing, communications, and event management working for national restaurant brands, and international events and entertainment companies. If she isn’t working, you’ll find her practicing yoga, reading, or outside enjoying everything from water sports to cycling.

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