Building a Strong Team Culture and How it Can Help Grow Your Business

Every workplace has a culture, whether deliberately curated, or not. Without cultivating a culture employees value, you might inadvertently be creating one they’ll run from. Knowing what aspects of workplace culture employees value and making sure they’re incorporated into your business takes effort on everyone’s part.

On Episode 30 of REAL TIME, we’re joined by Neil Thornton, President of the Thornton Group, to help REALTORS® and brokers, strengthen their leadership, coaching, and engagement skills and build a strong team culture, no matter their role.

Keeping up with workplace nuance, and individual needs can be complicated for leaders, especially while maintaining strong relationships with their team. Thornton delves into how leaders and their individual team members can balance personal needs with those of the team. He also gives us actionable advice on team building that genuinely works.

On the importance of growth, Thornton says, “Your business will get better when your people get better. Your people will get better when their management gets better.”

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As a leader, how do you make time to provide meaningful growth opportunities in a fast-paced work environment? How do you discern when team member needs coaching and when they just won’t work out? Find out by listening to the full episode of REAL TIME now.

“Coaching is a science. You and I have talked about it. It’s a certified science, but each person if they’re a business leader on this call has three skill sets. You have management skills, leadership skills, and coaching skills. All three are completely different. Coaching is about identifying people’s strengths that they might not realize they have. You ask great questions. People leave a coaching session with a heightened level of awareness and capacity to do more. That’s what a coach does. Leaders inspire a group, and managers manage things,” he says.

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Leslie Kellestine is a Communications Advisor with CREA. Prior to joining CREA’s team, Leslie worked on Parliament Hill where she developed and executed communications plans for federal politicians. After work, Leslie loves to go horseback riding, hit the trails with her dog Effie and try out the newest cocktail lounge in town.

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