REAL TIME Podcast: The Working REALTOR® – Lessons Learned

Whether it’s navigating a potentially awkward moment or a challenging transaction – everyone’s been put to the test and learned a lesson or two in their career. On the latest episode of The Working REALTOR® series, we’re joined by REALTORS® Anu Joshi-Mehendale and Dusko Sremac to discuss some of the obstacles they’ve overcome and the lessons they’ve carried forward throughout their careers.

Joshi-Mehendale built her business in Caledon, Ontario and is currently serving on CREA’s Federal Affairs Committee. Sremac catches Calgary’s attention with his charismatic social media persona and established real estate team. Though their journeys have been very different, they’ve both faced similar challenges and have come to many of the same conclusions about how to move forward, and what they wish someone would’ve told them when they started their respective businesses.

Whether a lesson was learned the hard way, or from the advice of another REALTOR®, we heard about the ones that truly stuck and have made a lasting impact. From parking spot misunderstandings to trampoline miscommunications—Joshi-Mehendale and Sremac shared the hilarious mishaps they laugh about now.

“I’d rather burn 30 deals a year than burn one client a year because the ROI in the future of having that strong relationship, rapport, and referrals is priceless.”

– Dusko Sremac

But what keeps them motivated? The pair discuss how their motivations have evolved throughout their careers agreeing money isn’t a sustainable motivator. “When we get into really thinking about how we want to show up in our business, that purpose actually stems from something deeper inside of us, who I am, what I want the contribution to the world to be,” says Joshi-Mehendale.

“We’re not in a house-selling business. We’re in the people service business.”

– Anu Joshi-Mehendale

They outline the pillars of their success and share their points of view on how they’ve made their long hours and paths of self-discovery worth their while.

Whether you’re just starting your journey in real estate, or have extensive experience, this episode of REAL TIME is packed with thoughtful conversation and insights. You can watch or listen to this episode at or wherever you find your podcasts.

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