REALTORS Care®: New Brunswick REALTORS® give back to Good Samaritan in need

So many REALTORS® from coast-to-coast are committed to volunteering their time and raising funds for the causes and charities close to their hearts. CREA is proud to celebrate the generosity of its REALTOR® members and highlight their inspiring stories with our national REALTORS Care® program. Here is one of those stories.

Jason Moxon of Maugerville, New Brunswick is well known in his community for his kind heart and caring disposition. When major flooding hit the area in 2018, Moxon was always ready to lend a hand to those in need, so it was no surprise when flooding struck the area the following spring, Moxon was there and ready to assist yet again. Asking for nothing in return, he provided desperately needed assistance by using his robust fleet of farming vehicles to aid in preservation and rescue efforts, all while his own land was slowly being consumed by the rising floodwaters.

One evening, Moxon was assisting a neighbor with their cattle, endeavoring to draw them away from the encroaching floodwaters, when misfortune struck. One cow reacted adversely to his attempts at persuasion, violently striking him in the leg. Moxon’s leg was badly broken. The accident meant he would be out of work for three months. As a self-employed general contractor, Moxon’s livelihood was in peril. News of the incident was met with great sadness throughout the community.

“I was shocked when I heard what happened,” said Fredericton REALTOR® and salesperson Gordon Crouse. “Jason has been a huge help to those in distress over the years, he was always at the heart of it, even while his own land was surrounded by water. His tractors and farm machinery were vital in helping those deal with the floods. It hit the community hard when we learned what had happened.”

Crouse and his wife Debbie knew they owed it to Moxon to do whatever they could to help. Alongside other concerned members of the community, the pair of REALTORS® decided to host a fundraiser to help him breathe a little easier during his recovery. They began with a community breakfast benefit at their local recreation centre. Moxon’s kindness had touched countless lives in the Maugerville area, so it was no surprise when more than 180 people came out to show their support. When the last plates had been served, Gordon and Debbie counted more than $2,100 in the coffers for Moxon’s recovery fund, but they weren’t done yet.

“The breakfast was a huge success, but Gordon and I said to each other, ‘why stop now?’” explains Debbie. “So, we decided to hold a trivia night. We went out and gathered auction items from businesses who were interested in helping out. We had six tables covered with prizes, from whipper-snippers and paintings, to a night out at a hotel. We had between 40 and 50 people in attendance. It was $20 at the door to play and to have the chance to win some of the auction items. We had our own currency we called ‘Maugerbucks’ to purchase auction items. Everyone knew it was for a good cause and people really went out of their way to help, we even had to turn down offers from individuals trying to donate their winnings!”

The trivia night ended up raising more than $2,600, bringing the day’s fundraising total to approximately $4,700. The funds raised will go towards Moxon’s living expenses during his time away from work while he waits for his leg to fully heal. He is expected to make a full recovery in the coming months and will soon be able to return to work as soon as possible. Gordon and Debbie Crouse truly take the values of community to heart and, just like Moxon, have proven that being a part of a community means much more than simply sharing a postal code.

Following his time studying history at Carleton University and as an infantry soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces, James Crocker-Fitzpatrick brought his diverse communication skills to the Canadian Real Estate Association. As a former summer student focusing on content creation for REALTORS Care® and CREA Café, James worked hard to write stories that reflected the generosity of the REALTOR® community and helped create interesting articles for the CREA Café. James finds pleasure in a quiet night of reading or painting alongside his three cats. He also likes scary movies, science fiction, and a well-crafted sentence.

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