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Chances are, if you’re a regular listener of the REAL TIME podcast, you may have heard that line before. If not, now you know exactly what to expect when listening to the show. REAL TIME is dedicated to sparking conversations with inspiring people who can help REALTORS® learn, grow, and of course, be entertained. After three years and more than 40 episodes, we’re reflecting on how far REAL TIME has come and where we’re headed.  

The origin of REAL TIME

The podcast landscape has been steadily growing for years, and Canadians are captivated by the audio medium. In the past year, 14 million Canadians, or 44% of those 18 and over, have listened to podcasts. Furthermore, 29% of Canadian podcast listeners are so-called “power listeners” who listen to at least five hours of podcasts per week.

We understand REALTORS® spend a lot of time in transit and wanted to provide an on-the-go option for busy REALTORS® who would enjoy quality, industry-related content while commuting from a showing, appointment, or to their next open house.

The growth of REAL TIME

In our first three years we’ve seen a steady increase in listenership. Building on this trend, in 2024 we’re excited to continue creating content that speaks to REALTORS®.

Graph showing listenership of REAL TIME from 2021 to 2023.

What REAL TIME offers you

As the Canadian real estate landscape continues to evolve, your clients will continue turning to you for your expertise and guidance. Each month, REAL TIME focuses on topics to help you stay on top of emerging ideas and trends, not to mention answer questions you may have about how to build your business and best support your clients on their real estate journeys. Guests of the podcast span the spectrum of the real estate industry, including marketing experts, business innovation leaders, professional negotiators, sustainability specialists, recognizable Canadian faces, REALTORS® dealing with the same things you may encounter, and many more.

Are you interested in the Canadian media and governance landscapes, and how leaders of all types can build trust? Peter Mansbridge shares his take in episode 43, Regaining Trust and Truth in Media and Beyond.

Wondering about how to perform at your peak, without burning out or losing track of your goals? Listen to episode 42, Bringing Your Potential Into Perspective, featuring George Mumford, AKA the “Performance Whisperer.”

Looking for some advice on building your business, from REALTORS® who have been successful doing just that? Get into the latest episode of The Working REALTOR® series where we chat social media, community involvement, and authenticity.

Want to brush up on your negotiation skills and maybe add a few new strategies to your repertoire? Learn from Fotini Iconomopoulos, the negotiator Fortune 500 companies turn to in their most high-stakes situations, on episode 44, How to Say Less and Get More in a Negotiation.

Whether you’re looking for advice from other REALTORS®, to expand your industry knowledge, or learn more about tools for your business, REAL TIME has you covered! Listen to every episode of REAL TIME wherever you stream your podcasts, or at CREA.ca/podcast.

Dawn Faithfull is a Communications Advisor at CREA. Find her BTS of the REAL TIME podcast, on socials, or writing content for CREA and REALTOR.ca. Dawn has previously worked in marketing, communications, and event management everywhere from national restaurant brands, to international events and entertainment companies. If she isn’t working, you’ll find her practicing yoga, reading, or outside enjoying everything from water sports to cycling.

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