Get More Leads from Your Website with DDF®

Before committing to anything nowadays, most of us turn to the internet to help us make more informed decisions. This is also true when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

According to data from the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation, there has been a significant increase in home buyers using real estate websites: 36% in 2019, compared to just 22% in 2018.

That means your online presence is important. Your personal website can be your first foot in the door to starting a conversation with a potential client.

But first, you need to give them a reason to reach out. Enter listings!

While you may only have a handful of active listings, you want to keep that potential client on your website. The solution? DDF® data feeds—an easy way to display high quality, accurate listings.

Having quality listings on your site gives you credibility with buyers and sellers, keeps visitors on your website longer and becomes an opportunity to generate leads for you, or the listing agent. It’s a win-win.

Fun fact: DDF® drove nearly 423,000 email leads through Real Estate Advertising Websites and Partner Sites, according to the 2019 Insights Report. DDF® can help display your listings along with listings from your office, your franchises and REALTORS® participating in the National Shared Pool.

It also provides you with much needed peace of mind. With DDF® you don’t need to do any manual data entry—saving you time and eliminating the risk of mistakes. Since DDF® pulls listings from the source, any changes made will be reflected on your website without you lifting a finger.

Here’s how you can take advantage of DDF®:

  • Set up a data feed to display content on your website.

TIP: Need technical help? Check out our list of Technology Providers who can help you put the data feed on your website.

  • Decide what you want displayed on your website. Here are a few options available:
    • Your own listings.
    • Your brokerage’s listings.
    • Listings from participating agents in the National Shared Pool.
  • Apply any relevant filters (price, location, property type, etc.) to the listings you wish to receive in order to cater your website’s content to potential clients. If you focus on premium homes in a specific area, the content on your website should reflect this.

TIP: Learn more about data feeds in our DDF® Help Guide. The Help Guide also explains the different distribution channels and settings; and how to work with DDF® as a brokerage owner or salesperson.

Become a DDF® pro by attending one of our webinars or read the training resources on CREA’s Learning Hub.

Still have questions? Contact Member Support at or leave them in the Comments below.

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