How to Host a Successful REALTORS Care® Day

Following the 2024 launch of REALTORS Care® Days, we’re thrilled to see boards and associations begin to host their events. As we head into busy summer months, we’ve gathered tips to help you host a successful event.

What is a REALTORS Care® Day?

A REALTORS Care® Day is a hands-on volunteering initiative in support of a housing or shelter-related charity or community group, hosted by a real estate board or association. It’s an opportunity for REALTORS® to come together and spend time giving back to their community, while building deeper connections with local organizations.

Each board or association’s REALTORS Care® Day is exclusive (first come, first served) and can be hosted at the best time of year for members.

IDEATE: Deciding on the location, group size and impact

There are countless ways to make an impact with a REALTORS Care® Day, and whether your board or association covers a city, region, or entire province, there are opportunities for any size. But where should you start? Begin by organizing your planning team and start thinking about where along the housing continuum you’d like to make an impact.

If you have a large area to cover you can consider running multiple similar initiatives on the same day in different communities, or rotate where your REALTORS Care® Day is held each year to allow your team to focus on one event at a time.

Although you only get one REALTORS Care® Day per year, our REALTORS Care® program highlights good work all year long through our blog and on social media (@REALTORSCare across social media). Connect with us to learn how additional events and efforts can be featured.

Tip: Don’t know what partners to choose? Our Housing and Volunteerism Resources Toolkit lists dozens of housing and volunteering organizations from across the country.

INITIATE: Connecting with local charitable partners

Just like REALTORS® recommend home buyers create a list of wants in their new home, when connecting with local charities creating a list of needs and wants for your REALTORS Care® Day can help you find the perfect partner! Your list should include information like:

  • the number of volunteers you want involved;
  • a date range that they can choose from;
  • a few ideal activities (make sure to be flexible and collaborative with your charity partner); and
  • any donation you’ll be offering them to support their mission.

Next, research local non-profits that are focused on housing-related solutions and reach out via email with your list included. Once you’ve received a response, set up a meeting to get more information about what’s possible and what they will need from you to set up your volunteers for success.

When you’ve selected your partner and date, make sure you claim your REALTORS Care® Day date.

Tip: Don’t know what partners to choose? Our Housing and Volunteerism Resources Toolkit lists dozens of housing and volunteering organizations from across the country.

IMPLEMENT: Recruiting volunteers and running the day

Once your date has been confirmed and our team has helped you set up an event page, it’s time to start recruiting your REALTORS®. Before getting started, be sure to set clear expectations with volunteers so they know what to expect leading up to and on the day of the event.

Ahead of the event make sure volunteers have met all the charity’s requirements and signed any required waivers (including a photo release form). You’ll also have to order the necessary REALTORS Care® gear and equipment to ensure volunteers have all they require to accomplish tasks and present themselves at their best. Don’t forget, the REALTORS Care® Days Bursary will cover up to $1,000 in event-related expenses.

On the day be sure to take lots of photos and videos to share the efforts of your volunteers and charitable partner. REALTORS Care® will be following along and sharing your work throughout the day across its social channels. Be sure to tag @REALTORSCare across social media, and use #REALTORSCareDays in your posts.

Don’t forget to start and end the day talking with REALTORS® about the impact of their efforts and the families that their work is supporting so that they know what they’ve accomplished.

Tip: Our handy Communication Tools and Templates can help you get the word out to local REALTORS® and save you time.

INFORM: Celebrating your success

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of your day, and now it’s time to share your impact with the world.

Prior to your REALTORS Care® Day, CREA staff will share a list of information needed after your event to celebrate your efforts on and social media. Make sure to thank your volunteers and community partners for the roles they played in creating an impactful REALTORS Care® Day.

Tip: Use the REALTORS Care® Days Social Media Templates to easily share your impact with the community.

The REALTORS Care® Team is here to help

No matter where your board or association is in its REALTORS Care® Days planning, CREA’s REALTORS Care® team is here to help. Reach out to the team by e-mailing to set up a call for personalized one-on-one support, or to join the community of REALTORS Care® Days planners and access our bi-monthly REALTORS Care® Days Roundtable Sessions.

For REALTORS® looking to get involved

Are you a REALTOR® excited to learn about your local REALTORS Care® Day? Reach out to your board or association for the details of their day or offer to join their planning team and help create opportunities for REALTOR® volunteerism in your community.

Alison Sochasky is CREA's Social Impact Specialist supporting the REALTORS Care® program and community-based efforts across Canada. Alison (she/her) joined CREA from the non-profit sector where she focused on community-building, volunteer engagement, and championing marginalized individuals entering the workforce. A life-long learner, she loves to read, travel, try new foods, and walk city neighbourhoods.

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