How the Listing Stats app helps your business grow

How is my listing doing? Why are we not getting offers or showing requests? Should we adjust the price?

Those are the typical questions sellers want answers to and expect to get them from REALTORS®.

If you’re a listing agent, you’re probably familiar with those questions and know how challenging it might be to answer them.

Previously, when listings were advertised in printed catalogues and newspapers, a salesperson would try to figure out a listing’s reach by assessing the publication’s expected circulation numbers and typical demographic profile of the reader.

In today’s digital age, the Listing Stats app is here to help. Based on the Listing Statistics tool, the app allows listing agents to inform their marketing and pricing strategy on the go. Combining this with your expertise will help you assess the situation and provide insight for your client.

Here’s how the Listing Stats app helps you grow your business:

  • Access listing stats: See how the market is responding to your listing and how many views your listing is getting on and DDF® sites, including the number of favourites, photo views, shares and more.
  • Respond to leads on the go: View your leads and respond to email inquiries on the spot.
  • Connect with clients: Text or email listing reports to your clients.
  • View your listings: Access your listing quickly and conveniently.
  • Get instant notifications: Get notified when your listing goes live and when you receive a new lead.

What’s new and exclusive about Listing Stats app?

  1. Get informed the moment your listing is live on and when someone wants to get in touch with you from or DDF®.
  2. You can easily email or text listing statistics reports to your client to keep them updated on the market’s response to their listing. Plus, you have ability to customize the message.
  3. Log in once and have your app handy wherever your busy life takes you.

Download the Listing Stats app today.

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Give the app a try and tell us what you think by selecting the “Feedback” tab in the app menu or leave a comment below.

Our Product Manager, Anna Nasiorowski, lives and breathes She manages product strategy, leads the way with the development of new features and regularly participates in usability sessions to ensure optimal visitor experience. Prior to joining CREA, Anna gained a slew of marketing, content development and product management experience with Algonquin College, Canada Post, Mitel and Corel. When not immersed in the world of online real estate, you can find Anna pursuing her love of photography, travelling or even learning a new language (to supplement the three already in her arsenal).

39 thoughts on “How the Listing Stats app helps your business grow”

  1. I’ve installed the App; signed in but the screen is frozen. Can’t navigate off the screen. Can you help me?

  2. Tried to download the app on Google Play but the link keeps looping back to the original article about the app

  3. looks like a good app?? couple questions i have downloaded the app, i tried sending stats to myself and it wouldn’t allow me?
    then i tried emailing and texting the stats to a client, entered name, selected the client from the menu, hit send but there’s no verification it was sent or viewed? how do i know if it worked, and whats does INTERACTIONS mean? and why isn’t that explained? how does that benefit me or the client?

  4. I have had the app for a couple years now. Are you telling me to download again or what is the offering.

    Does it have the listing app included in it with the stats?

    1. Hi Ian, Listing Stats allows members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) to access their and DDF® listing statistics and email leads.
      The Listing Stats app is new and exclusively for REALTORS®.

  5. I am not able to figure out how can I log into the as a realtor. How can we see our listing, need guidance on the steps to do that.

  6. Dear Anna,
    This sounds like a great App…..BUT. your link does not work! I’ve tried the link in your message and the Apple store link and I just get back to this page. In other words is takes me nowhere.
    Is it up and running yet?

    1. Hi there,
      The app uses the NAF login system which is based on your CREA ID. In most cases, this would be your MLS® system login or the login used for WEBForms®. If you are still having issues, please contact your local board.

  7. I sent stats to one of my clients..I think it is very awesome. I just am not sure if they actually received it, as there is no way of knowing they recieved it.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your comment. Currently there is no receipt confirmation feature on the app. We will look into this suggestion going forward. Hope you are enjoying the app and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  8. The app was very easy to install. I’ve looked at the stats for my listings, graphs are helpful but wonder if I’m missing something in terms of other data or feedback the app can offer

    1. Hi Diane,
      We’re happy to hear you are enjoying it! The app gives you access to details related to the consumer activity on your listings featured on and DDF®. You can share listing activity reports with your clients by text or email. You also have access to your leads. For more information, please contact Member Support and one of our team members would be happy to guide you through the app. They can be reached at or 1-888-237-7945.

  9. The app won’t accept my current credentials…..I have this problem with RealtorLink every time I use their login.

    1. Hi Carolynne,
      We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. The app uses the NAF login system, which is based on your CREA ID. Please contact your local board.

  10. i am not very handy with high teck can you offer some one on one teaching, i would apreciate that very much,tanks.

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