How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online

Being a real estate professional in Canada isn’t without challenges. Be it residential or commercial, one of the biggest hurdles to generating leads in an increasingly competitive tech-driven online-first market. If you’re not doing everything possible to generate leads online, you could be missing out.

We’ve broken down a list of available tools to ensure potential online leads notice you.

In 2020, sent four million leads to REALTORS®. That’s an increase of 38% from 2019. An average of 38 leads are sent to REALTORS® every five minutes, according to the 2020 Insights Report. works to help turn visitors into leads by constantly improving the website and app. Making it easier to connect with leads by updating the communication preferences to include text, plus launching a brand new app are just two examples.  

Online advertising

Good old-fashioned paid-for advertising still has its place. That place is online, where it can generate leads for all REALTORS®. The goal of advertising online is to drive traffic to your website and your listings.

In addition to advertising on third-party sites, such as blogs related to the industry or types of real estate, you can advertise with Google AdWords. The pay-per-click platform lets you target keywords and location, which will translate to ads appearing above Google search results.

LinkedIn ads and posts are an option, as are building local backlinks to your site to boost your search rankings. Asking satisfied clients to post reviews on Google or any other online platform such as RealSatisfied and RankMyAgent is also a form of advertising—it’s the digital version of word of mouth.

Social media

A strong social media presence is vital if you want to generate real estate leads online. One way of approaching social media is to pay for Facebook and Instagram ads. The benefits of Facebook advertising are you can target location, demographics, interests, pages and different audiences. Plus, it can be cheaper than Google AdWords.

Another way of using social media is to create a page and account for your business, and post content that drives traffic to your site. Be mindful that everything you post is a reflection of you and your business, so your professional profile isn’t the best place to rant about politics, religion or anything else.

Posting about real estate-related topics on Twitter and answering questions on forums like Quora will also boost your social media presence and establish you as an authority in the industry.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to get your real estate business’ website a higher ranking in Google search results—preferably on the first page.

The best way to do this is to optimize the content on your site, blog, and social media channels for SEO. There’s a better chance potential real estate leads will click on your site if it appears on the first page of search results.

You’ll need an ongoing SEO strategy to maintain and boost your rankings, as SEO is organic. Focus on building a local following, create a Google+ Local page, and consistently update your website, blog, and other channels.

Content marketing

Engaging, interesting content can be a great way of generating real estate leads online. It can also help you create an identity, build a brand, and become a trusted source of information.

Start by giving visitors on your website the option of signing up to receive marketing insights, helpful information, and special offers. This content can include infographics, checklists, articles, trends, competitions, and just about anything else that encourages visitors to give you their contact details. This way, visitors turn into leads that may turn into future customers.

Video content is extremely popular right now. Guided property tours, how-tos for selling and buying a house, and other similar content are in huge demand. You can create engaging video content that encourages people to reach out, and you can market your properties in an interactive, hugely appealing way.

Online networking

Face-to-face networking has been used by REALTORS® to generate leads offline for years. Thanks to sites like LinkedIn, you can now network online.

You can search for potential leads by industry, company, location, or other criteria, and reach out to businesses or individuals by sending messages. Alternatively, you can buy advertising, or use its Sales Navigator Tool.

Email is another way to network online, and regular email campaigns should be part of your marketing strategy. Making yourself easy to contact stimulates lead generation, and emails keep you foremost in people’s minds. You can also join online forums, take part in webinars, and sign up for virtual conferences and expos.

The world has gone digital. If you want to stand out and successfully generate new real estate leads, I recommend looking online.

Marina Copeland is an experienced online editor and writer from Southern California, with a creative crush for real estate, interior design and small business management. After she scribbles the daylight away, she turns her energy towards upcycling second-hand furniture.

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